We tested all staff yesterday (Thursday, May 19) and all staff were negative for COVID. There are no COVID positive residents in the Health Care Center or the Independent Living at this time.

Our Assisted Living retested all residents again yesterday (Thursday) and there were no new COVID positive results. The 3 AL residents who tested positive on Monday, 5/2/22 have completed their required isolation period. However, we do have 3 other AL residents who are still in their quarantine period. We currently have 2 AL staff who are at home isolating after testing positive for the virus last week. Group meals and group activities continue to be suspended in the AL during this period of outbreak testing.

All Lucy Corr staff are vaccinated as are an overwhelming number of our residents in all levels of care.

Chesterfield County is still rated RED by CMS for COVID transmissibility. Cases in the county are higher again this week, but we are not seeing that drive COVID-related hospitalizations higher. All visitors and staff entering our Assisted Living or Health Care Facility will be screened for symptoms, fever, and exposure before entering the in-patient areas and all staff and visitors must wear mask when inside the facilities. If you don’t feel well please consider scheduling a virtual visit with your loved one or delaying your visit until your symptoms go away. We also encourage everyone to be vaccinated, especially if you are often with someone who is elderly or has a weakened immune system.

As always, we appreciate your continued thoughts and prayers for our residents and our caregivers.

— Derrick Kendall

Please select from the choices below to learn the latest protocols on what to expect when you wish to visit someone on the Lucy Corr Campus.

Visitors are welcome without restriction, however, all visitors must wear a mask in common areas.  Currently, we are not permitting visitors to dine in the Bistro restaurant, but visitors are welcome to join Independent Living residents in their cottage or apartments for meals.

Visitors are welcome and may enter and exit using the Assisted Living lobby.  All visitors must be screened by a staff member before going directly to their loved one’s apartment. At this time, all visitors must wear a new mask provided by Lucy Corr, and presently we are not permitting visitors to dine with our Assisted Living residents in any area or attend activities.

Visitors are no longer required to make appointments to visit residents, and there are no longer limits on the lengths of visits or the number or age of visitors.  All visitors must wait to be screened at the entry of the Health Care Center (HCC) and must follow the COVID infection control guidelines to gain and retain access to the HCC.

Visitors, regardless of their vaccine status, must wear a new mask provided by Lucy Corr and must visit with the resident either in the resident’s room or in a designated visitation area away from other residents.

If your loved one has a roommate, then your visit may have to be held in a designated visitation area to prevent the roommate from exposure.  While all residents have the right to have visitors, they also have the right to not be exposed to visitors not here to see them.  If this is the case, there may be wisdom in calling ahead of your visit to reserve a designated visitation space.  If you need to gain access to your loved one’s room and they have a roommate, please call your Social Worker so they can help time your visit when the roommate is out of the room.
We are currently not allowing visitors to attend activities or meals/dine with HCC residents.

We are currently offering Virtual Visits for our Health Care Residents. These are highly encouraged for families who are out of town, those who are unable to come into the building due to personal health issues, or anyone feeling under the weather. If you would like to schedule a virtual visit, please use the link below. 

Health Care Center Virtual Visitation

Schedule Visit


Before you schedule an In-Person Visit, please review the above policies, which can vary depending on the area that you plan to enter and visit in. These conditions ensure the safety of our residents, guests, and staff. In addition to these policies, visitors will be screened for symptoms associated w COVID (we have a list), asked if they have been in a location or with anyone in the last 14-days positive for COVID, and if they’ve been around anyone with symptoms or presumed symptoms of COVID.

To help us keep our residents and staff safe, please Immediately report back to us if any guest becomes COVID positive any time within 7 days of their visit inside the facility.


Following guidance from the Centers for Diseases Control and Prevention (CDC), Lucy Corr has implemented the following precautions for our staff:

  • Our staff members are being monitored for signs and symptoms of COVID-19.
  • Staff members have been educated on the process of self-reporting. If you have known exposure to COVID-19, immediately let your supervisor know.
  • We are actively screening staff members as well as essential non-staff personnel and vendors, such as supply deliverers, emergency medical personal, transportation providers, and other service providers to help prevent any potential exposure or transmission of COVID-19.
  • Our staff has had the opportunity to receive the COVID vaccine if they so wish. We will continue to make these opportunities available to them if they wish to become vaccinated.


Our Wi-Fi is available and free of charge for residents. If you provide your loved one with their own personal tablet or Wi-Fi device, they can connect with friends and families at any time, and not have to wait for our assistance.

If you are interested in providing your loved one with his/her own Wi-Fi device to use for virtual visiting, please keep the following mind:

  • The resident should be aware and responsible enough to handle and use the device properly. Lucy Corr will not be responsible for replacing a lost or broken device.
  • The device should be clearly labeled, in a permanent manner, with the resident’s name.
  • The device should include all necessary batteries, chargers, cords, etc.
  • The device should be pre-set with apps and account information so the resident can use it right away. 
  • The device/app should be compatible with whatever device/app you will be using (ex: FaceTime requires an Apple device; other platforms like Zoom, Skype, Google-Hangouts, etc. will work with Android devices.)
  • The device should be from a reputable, well-known brand (like Apple iPad, Amazon Kindle/Fire or Samsung tablets).


Get a glimpse into our community from the comfort of your own home! Take a 3D Virtual Tour of our maintenance-free Independent Living cottages and apartments, as well as our private Assisted Living apartments and lobby. Lucy Corr offers a variety of spacious floor plans and amenities because, after all, your new home should feel like home.

Independent Living Cottages

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Assisted Living Apartments

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Health Care Center

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For families of residents in our health care center, please reach out to your loved one’s Social Worker for any needs or questions. If you do not know your social worker’s name, our operator will assist you when you call.

If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to a member of Lucy Corr’s management team by calling 804-748-1511.


Lucy Corr will work diligently to make sure all of our residents and staff members receive the latest communication regarding this situation. To stay informed regarding any changes to policies or safety precautions specific to Lucy Corr, please check regularly back on this webpage or call our recorded information hotline at (804) 425-7522.

Lucy Corr has provided regular updates since the beginning of the COVID-19 Pandemic.

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