Mrs. Woods“To be able to move into Lucy Corr while we’re still able to be independent is something we hadn’t even imagined!” Coming to Independent Living at Lucy Corr has been like a homecoming for Mr. and Mrs. Woods.

“Lucy Corr has been a part of my family for many years,” Mrs. Woods explains. “My mother-in-law lived in the Lucy Corr Health Center, and I was the evening nursing supervisor in the Health Center. In that time, I met some of the most amazing people – very talented people – who took wonderful care of their patients. I knew when the time came for my husband and me to make the transition to a retirement community, Lucy Corr was where we wanted to be.”

When you visit the Woods’ cottage, it’s hard to believe they’ve only lived in the Independent Living neighborhood at Lucy Corr for a short time. Their cheery, sun-filled home reflects their devotion to family. “Keeping our family together despite the fact that we had differing health care needs was a big part of why Lucy Corr made sense to us,” Mrs. Woods says. “Here, my husband was able to receive the rehab services that he needed while I got us settled in our new home that’s just a walk away.” She also notes that it’s comforting to know that no matter what their future needs might be, Lucy Corr’s continuum of care will provide the support they need.

After retiring from the Lucy Corr Health Center, Mrs. Woods stayed connected by participating in the book club. Now she looks forward to getting involved with the music club and getting to know more of her neighbors.

“Everyone has been so welcoming. I feel like we have truly moved home.”

The Harveys knew that the greatest gift they could give their children was to plan their own future.

“Once our children were grown and gone, we knew it was time to do something for ourselves, so we bought a 200-year-old home on 60 acres in Cumberland County,” says Mr. Harvey. “In 2009, we knew the time had come to do something for our children, so we sold the home in Cumberland and moved to Independent Living at Lucy Corr,” Mrs. Harvey adds. The Harveys had taken care of their own parents long after it was practical or safe for them to be in their own home, and they didn’t want their children to have to go through the same thing.

Mr. and Mrs. Harvey both think that moving to Lucy Corr is one of the best things they have ever done. It has allowed them to stay active – walking at Pocahontas State Park or on the nature trails around Lucy Corr, volunteering in the community, attending cultural events in the city, and entertaining family and friends in their apartment. “There are also wonderful activities we could take part in here at Lucy Corr – if we could only find the time,” Mrs. Harvey says.

They also enjoy the security of knowing that their future health care needs will be met at Lucy Corr – in a familiar setting, surrounded by family and friends. It’s a big change from being over an hour away from a hospital when they lived in Cumberland County. Now help is “just a cord pull away” – which can be a life-saving convenience. Soon after moving to Lucy Corr, Mr. Harvey experienced a medical emergency. Thanks to our Independent Living neighborhood’s Lifeline, help arrived in the Harveys’ apartment within minutes and Mr. Harvey received the treatment he needed. “Our decision to move was reinforced in a big way that day,” he says.

While they admit to sometimes missing the beautiful Cumberland County countryside, the Harveys are enjoying living life to the fullest, living close to family and watching someone else shovel the snow in the winter!