Lucy Corr and Her Legacy of Compassion

Lucy Corr | Miss Lucy

Care, compassion and kindness.

Three words that are synonymous with Miss Lucy Corr and the health care community that bears her name. Lucy Corr Village opened in 1970 as the Chesterfield County Nursing Home. This invaluable asset to the citizens of the Chesterfield area would not have been possible without the tireless efforts of its founder, who was affectionately called “Miss Lucy.”

Born in 1908, Lucy Virginia Corr was a remarkable woman who preferred to talk about fishing on the Eastern Shore of Virginia rather than share personal information – especially about her extraordinary accomplishments. Her legacy of humanitarian service began during the 1930s, when she politely urged the Virginia General Assembly to change the name of the local public welfare department to the Department of Social Services. She subsequently served as Director of the Chesterfield-Colonial Heights Department of Social Services from 1945 until her retirement in 1978.

In 1967, Lucy acted on her passion for giving people “a little extra lift in life” by proposing that the Chesterfield Board of Supervisors open a nursing home and convalescent facility for older adults. When they approved her plan, Lucy enthusiastically took charge of the building’s development, ensuring that no detail was overlooked. A non-profit corporation was established in 1969 to aid in construction of the $1.3 million, 98-bed nursing home facility.

On Mother’s Day in 1970, local residents turned out in droves to see Miss Lucy’s dream become a reality at the dedication of the Chesterfield County Nursing Home. It also marked the beginning of her tenure as the nursing home’s director.

Word spread quickly about the quality care and encouragement residents received at the Chesterfield County Nursing Home. To keep pace with growing demand, the facility underwent its first expansion just five years after opening – and nearly doubled in size, growing into a 192-bed care center.

In 1984, six years after Miss Lucy Corr’s retirement, the Chesterfield County Nursing Home was renamed Lucy Corr Chesterfield County Nursing Home by the Chesterfield County Board of Supervisors. In the last three decades, the nursing home has been renovated to include many new facilities and services, including the addition of 48 Assisted Living apartments and a full range of on-site Assisted Living services. The senior care center upgrades maintain the same stringent quality standards to which Miss Lucy Corr was so dedicated.

In 2009, Miss Lucy Corr’s legacy of service grew again when our Independent Living neighborhood opened, with 52 independent-living apartments and 25 cottages adjacent to the Village complex. It provides active adults with a vibrant place to live and convenient access to a host of amenities, services and engaging activities. Moreover, the opening of our Independent Living neighborhood enabled Lucy Corr to become a fee-for-service continuing care retirement community that provides a full spectrum of residential services to seniors in the Richmond and Central Virginia area.


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