Pricing Options at Lucy Corr

Independent Living meets peace of mind with flexible pricing options. We understand that our residents appreciate having a range of options to consider when making decisions about retirement living. Regardless of the option you choose, the lifestyle at Lucy Corr is meant to be carefree, safe and relaxing.

Maintenance and housekeeping are taken care of so that you can do more of the things you enjoy. Our Independent Living community offers the warmth of a family atmosphere, with plenty of activities to take part in and opportunities to socialize.

Because our Independent Living community is part of the Lucy Corr Continuing Care Retirement Community (CCRC), you can also “age in place,” with Independent Living, Assisted Living, Skilled Nursing, Rehab and Memory Care services available from the same community.

Our Independent Living community offers living plans with entrance fees as well as lease/rental options. We offer a variety of plans designed to fit every budget.

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Lucy Corr Incentives

Lucy Corr is now offering new incentives on entrance fees. When you apply to join our community, you can take advantage of:

1/2 Off


$75,000 Off

three bedroom apartments

$50,000 Off

two bedroom apartments

$30,000 Off

one bedroom apartments

Fee-for-Service (Continuing Care)

Knowing your future health care needs will be fully met can give you peace of mind.

This option requires a partially refundable entrance fee and monthly fees. In this program, residents may transition between Independent Living, Assisted Living, Rehab, Skilled Nursing and Memory Care as needed and can stay near and visit with their loved ones and remain in familiar surroundings with known caregivers. If one member of a couple requires care and moves to the Health Care Center, the other may remain in Independent Living and visit daily. Monthly fees for each person are based on the type of care they receive.

Life Care

Exceptional care services are available if and when you need them.

By choosing a CCRC that also offers Life Care, you can be sure that if you ever need advanced care, the very best will be available. Life Care contracts require a non-refundable up-front fee and monthly fees. Residents who are approved for Life Care contracts may move to the community’s on-site Assisted Living, Skilled Nursing or other care centers as needed at the same monthly fee level as their Independent Living residence.*

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Lease/Rental Contract
(No Entrance Fee)

Experience Independent Living without a long-term commitment.

At Lucy Corr, we offer a funding option in which lessees may enter into a 12-month rental arrangement with no entrance fee required. In lieu of an entrance fee, a one-time, non-refundable community fee of $2,000 is charged in addition to the monthly service fee. A second-person monthly service fee will be charged as applicable. There are a limited number of lease/rental homes available at Lucy Corr, so please inquire about availability.

*Cost of living increases of 1 – 3% may apply.