Myths & Realities of Continuing Care Retirement Communities

Moving from your current home can be a complex and emotionally difficult decision. What will your life be like at a CCRC? Will you have more or less freedom? Will you make new friends? Will you lose connection with your current friends and community? Will you have privacy when you want it? Will your lifestyle be more fulfilling and exciting? Will you have fewer worries? Is it a financially smart decision? Are you “ready” to move?

Do You Have a Plan?

If you are approaching – or are in – the Mid-Retirement stage now is the time to plan for your later stages of retirement – while you are still active and able.

Choosing a Continuing Care Retirement Community

Choosing a CCRC is a big decision and one that is probably unique from other decisions you have made in life. It is a lifestyle, financial, housing, and healthcare decision all wrapped up into one. Making an informed decision could help secure your future regardless of unforeseen health situations.