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Live in the moment with guaranteed care for life. Life Care means exactly what it sounds like — residency and long-term health care for life. Lucy Corr’s Life Care contract option is a wonderful solution for older adults who may be independent and active today but are seeking the peace of mind that comes with living in a community that provides assisted living and health care if needed.

Think of Life Care as a one-time, all-inclusive solution to your long-term needs where you set your budget once and then never worry about it again. If you don’t currently have long-term care insurance and are looking for protection against rising out-of-pocket costs for potential extended health care needs, Lucy Corr’s Life Care option is perfect for you.

Invest in Your Future

No matter where life’s journey takes you, Lucy Corr is here to help — every step of the way. We’re happy to offer a simple, one-time solution that guarantees you top-notch care for life. With Life Care, you set your budget once and never worry about it again, regardless if you require a higher level of care. Our experienced staff and skilled nurses provide 24/7 assistance, making it easy to transition from one lifestyle to the next without missing a beat. Rest assured knowing that your future is secure.

Discover the Life Care Difference.

When your experience at Lucy Corr begins, Life Care ensures that you will always receive the best, most compassionate care no matter where your life’s journey takes you.

How Life Care Works:

1.  Submit a financial and medical application, as well as a clinical review.

2.  Once approved, pay a one-time Life Care fee when entering Independent Living at Lucy Corr.

3.  Your monthly service fee* is set and will remain the same even if a higher level of care is required at any time.

4.  If you ever need access to our full range of health care services, including rehab, assisted living, long-term care, and memory care, you are covered for life!

* Note: Annual cost of living increases may apply to all monthly fees

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Take Charge and Cover it all with Life Care.

If you’d like to plan ahead for all your future needs, a Lucy Corr Life Care contract will guarantee that you get the care you need, the dignity you deserve, and the peace of mind you’ve been looking for. Just imagine the feeling you’ll have every day knowing that if you need it, it’s yours — and it’s guaranteed.

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